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is presented to a member of a firm for the member’s generous contribution of leadership, energy and dedication to pro bono efforts.

Curran Law Firm

The Curran Law Firm, located in Kent, Washington, celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, capping a long and distinguished record of community service in South King County.

Founded in 1948 by James Kelleher and James P. Curran, the firm has been known by a succession of names, reflecting mergers and the passage or arrival of partners. Over the decades, colleagues knew the firm variously as Kelleher & Curran, Curran & Ratcliffe, Curran & Curran, Curran, Kleweno, Johnson and Curran, Curran, Kleweno & Johnson, and Curran Mendoza.

Today, the Curran Law Firm is widely recognized in south King County for its decades-long commitment to community service and pro bono representation. In addition to receiving both the 1994 and 2008 KCBA Pro Bono Awards, Curran has received community service awards and certificates of appreciation from the Legal Action Center, the Association of Legal Administrators, and the Children’s Therapy Center.

"The Curran firm also helped build our Kent legal clinics from the ground up," says Rebecca Fogarty, Program Manager of the KCBA’s Neighborhood Legal Clinics. "It’s often difficult recruiting volunteers in South King County, especially in family law, and today they really keep these clinics going."

This year, attorneys Theresa Ahern, Chad Horner, Jane Rhodes, and Shana Thompson are volunteers with the Kent Family Law clinic. John Casey, Mark Davis, and David Huhs provide their services at the Kent Legal Clinic. Cindy Geray, Tammy Peters and Sandy Prehm are clinic assistant volunteers. In 2007, Carmen Bautista, Pete Curran, Brie Hopkins, Tom Stone and Diana Zottman also provided pro bono support to this public service program.

The KCBA Pro Bono Award is an acknowledgment of firms that widen their community’s access to legal justice, creating a lasting impact on that community’s welfare and quality of life.

"It isn’t the achievement of any one attorney at our firm that deserves special recognition," notes David Huhs. "All Curran attorneys are involved in community service activities and non-profit boards, and almost everyone volunteers regularly for the neighborhood legal clinics." Huhs, a volunteer with the Kent Legal Clinic, is also President-Elect and member of the board of the South King County Bar Association. "When considered cumulatively, the amount of potentially billable time spent for the betterment of a community is significant. It is only with a firm’s understanding and support that its attorneys can make this type of impact and commitment."

"The Curran firm are just huge players in our Kent family law and general legal clinics," adds Rebecca Fogarty, "When you consider Curran’s size and longevity, and the large percentage of the firm that is providing pro bono services in the Kent Valley, it’s an amazing contribution."

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