December 2016 Bar Bulletin
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Finances, Membership Looking Strong


Treasurer Kinnon Williams reported that the first financial report for the new fiscal year shows as of August 31 revenues of $1.5 million and expenses of $525,000, for net income of $972,000. He noted that revenues and expenses should be at roughly 17 percent of the approved budget and that revenues are currently 42 percent due to membership renewals traditionally appearing in financial reports at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Williams also briefed the trustees on the final financial statements for the year ending June 30. KCBA received $3.5 million in revenue, with $3.4 million in expenses, for net income of $49,000. In addition, the Association has $1.3 million in cash and cash equivalents and has $959,000 in reserves. He noted that the independent auditor will audit the data and report to the Board in December.

Membership Committee Chair Paul Crisalli reported that this year’s membership renewal numbers are on par with prior years and the retention rate is 82 percent. He noted that there has been no negative feedback related to the dues increase. Lastly, he distributed a list of non-renewed members and asked trustees to call and email colleagues whom they know to remind them to renew their dues or to learn why the member is no longer interested in KCBA membership.

Executive Director Andrew Prazuch briefed the trustees on the annual Bench Bar Conference, which was held on November 11 at the Convention Center in downtown Seattle versus being hosted at one of the law schools due to scheduling conflicts.

Threesa Milligan, director of Pro Bono Services, briefed the trustees on KCBA’s pro bono program history and provided an overview of each of KCBA’s six pro bono programs. Carl Marquardt, Pro Bono Services Committee chair, discussed how the Committee works to support the program operations. Prazuch also briefed the trustees on the financial resources used to support the pro bono programs.

Battuello briefed the trustees on her recent activities, including highlights from the Volunteer Recognition Reception where outgoing committee chairs were honored and notable pro bono volunteers were recognized.

Finally, the Board went into executive session to continue its review of pending fair campaign practices complaints concerning judicial candidates. Trustees agreed that letters be sent to the Eric Newman and Catherine Moore campaigns clarifying that the Board’s October 10 action was not intended to be confidential, and it directed its Fair Campaign Practices Committee to review the latest related complaints under the guidelines.


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