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How To Create a Great Law Firm Tagline

By Dustin Reichard


Nike tells us to "Just Do It." FedEx's marketing states, "When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight."If you're familiar with these phrases, then you already know a bit about the intriguing and powerful world of taglines. You know, the quick phrase a company will use to magically define its products and convince its customers that its business stands apart from the competition.

Granted, law firms don't sell shoes and they don't send overnight packages (well, for profit). However, taglines still serve as an integral way by which to market a firm's services. The reality though is that creating successful law firm taglines is a rough undertaking. But, with a little knowledge and a few marketing tricks, your firm can create the right tagline to bolster its business.

Break from the Herd:Firms Tend To Opt forTaglines That Don't WorkAccording to The 30 Best Law Firm Taglines Ever, published by Fishman Marketing, law firms tend toward stale taglines that do little to establish identity and generate revenue. Popular law firm taglines often include vague statements like: "Committed to clients" or "Results Matter!" These generalized statements may make a firm feel cozy inside, but they lack the specificity to offer employees direction and fail to establish a defining position in a saturated legal market."Committed to clients" or "Results Matter" can apply to nearly every company across a wide spectrum of industries. Shouldn't all businesses theoretically care about clients? When don't results matter? Fishman labels these types of taglines as "safe, noncontroversial, and immediately forgettable [emphasis added]." They may articulate thoughts that a firm can easily agree on, but the end result fails to set a firm apart in a strategic way that bolsters business.

Keep in mind that taglines are not mission statements or blanket headlines. Rather, they are used to articulate a firm’s personality and philosophy. Further, they can also be clear and direct statements that simply define a practice area.

When it comes to marketing, successful tag lines should do some or all of the following:

convey the essential qualities of a firm;

align a firm’s message to a specific audience or market;

promise a particular wish for future clients; and

emphasize a firm’s competitive advantage.

Create a Quality Tagline Via a USP

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