November 2015 Bar Bulletin
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Board Continues Bylaws Review


Tran led a discussion on the pending bylaws restatement. First, the Board agreed by voice vote to retain the existing wording on special membership meetings. Second, the Board agreed by a vote of 6-4, with three abstentions to have the Leadership Development and Nominations Committee consist of six members appointed to staggered three-year terms.

Next, the Board agreed by voice vote to retain the existing authority of the president to appoint committee chairs. Finally, by a vote of 11-3 the Board approved the proposed description of the Executive Committee with the additional explanation that "the committee shall have such duties as assigned by the Board of Trustees."

Board members also identified that counsel's proposed wording in Article VII, Section 1.2 was inadvertently preventing non-board members from serving on committees. Staff will correct that error and prepare an updated bylaws draft reflecting other board-approved changes for the next meeting.

Tran thanked the trustees for taking time to meet with her individually to discuss goals for the upcoming year. She presented updates from the monthly bench-bar liaison meeting, discussed planned meetings with section and committee chairs, and presented highlights from the September 18 Day of Caring event at Microsoft. Tran also briefed the trustees on meetings she and the executive director had with Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Barbara Madsen and Nicholas Brown, general counsel to Gov. Jay Inslee.

Executive Director Andrew Prazuch reported that KCBA has filled a number of staff vacancies. He also announced that membership renewals are going well. He distributed conflict of interest and committee preference forms for annual completion by trustees. In addition, Prazuch gave an update on the plans for the newly revised volunteer recognition event held on October 13, briefed trustees on Diversity Committee activities, and congratulated Trustee Shawn Larson-Bright for earning a Puget Sound Business Journal "40 under 40" award.

Treasurer Kinnon Williams reported as of May 30, the end of 11 months of the fiscal year, KCBA had received $3.2 million in revenue, with $2.8 million in expenses, for net income of $409,000. The Association has $1.2 million in cash and cash equivalents and $866,000 in reserves. Williams stated that management projects a year-end surplus of $150,000.

ABA Delegate James Williams reported on discussions held by the House of Delegates at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting in August.


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