November 2013 Bar Bulletin
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November 2013 Bar Bulletin

How Well Do You Know Your Classic Legal Fact or Fiction?


WELCOME to our first-ever "Notable Quotables" quiz ... excuse us "Jeopardy!" The rules are simple. Every quote has a legal and/or lawyerly tie-in. Match the quote to a person, real or fictional, as well as the context, e.g., the name of a time-honored, classic case (most are U.S. Supreme Court cases), book, television show and/or movie.

The second and third "Fact" quotes were not made in case opinions, but were made while pursuing a case or in a context that immediately led to one. There is no "My Cousin Vinny" quote. Sorry. But, hey, "Vinny" has its own article!

Each question is worth a certain number of points, randomly assigned based upon a semi-intuitive process invented by the editor. You must get both parts of the answer (movie, television show or book/actor or character; case/speaker or author) correct to score all the points awarded. However, if you suffer from quiz vanity, take partial points for getting half the answer correct. For movies and the one television quote, naming the actor(s) is sufficient. Unspecified extra bragging points if you can name the character.

The only prize is pride, and perhaps bragging rights. Have fun and wave your high score in everybody's face around the office. And no Googling or use of any other search-engine apparatus, including Lexis or Westlaw.

(The answer key appears on Page 32.)


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