October 2013 Bar Bulletin
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October 2013 Bar Bulletin

"Why, When I Was In Law School..."


First of a Series

First, there were John Rupp's reminiscences of the King County-Seattle Bar Association, which we ran in 2011–12. In August, we finished publishing Mr.Rupp's memoirs from his days as a clerk at the Washington Supreme Court during the 1930s. We discovered those treasures quite by accident. In the meantime, Mr. Rupp's son, Jim, showed up with a wealth of new material that should help fill these pages for years to come. The discourse that quickly caught the eye of the editor, a UW Law grad, was Mr. Rupp's story of his days at Condon Hall. Again, we present it just as he wrote it. Enjoy!

There is a project afoot to put together a history of the University of Washington School of Law. How it will be done, whether it will be done, and whether it will be any good if it be done, are matters still to be resolved. I understand that there are available reasonably complete minutes and lists and bulletins and other archival materials, but I suspect they would be the basis of only a skeleton, and skeletons are interesting, generally speaking, only to anthropologists and other scientific types.

You have to have a skeleton, to be sure, but, to be of much interest to ordinary folk, you require eyes and ears and flesh and hide and the various other accoutrements and appendages that people associate with a complete person. Even a brain is expected by many. There used to be a song which told us:

It ain't no sin

To take off your skin

and dance around in your bones,

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