September 2013 Bar Bulletin
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September 2013 Bar Bulletin

Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month

Danielle Shaw

By Gwen Remmen


Danielle Shaw is simply extraordinary. She has volunteered in every capacity that one can with the Neighborhood Legal Clinics (NLC). Shaw gives legal advice to clients at the Southeast General Clinic, sits on the NLC Committee, covers the phone lines, produces self-help materials for our clients and tackles many other projects.

KCBA Pro Bono Services sincerely thanks Shaw for her generosity and dedication to NLC clients, fellow volunteers and the staff at the King County Bar Association.

Shaw recently answered some questions for the KCBA Bar Bulletin:

Q: What inspires you to volunteer?

A: When I was young, my mom dragged me to Northwest Harvest for a day of service. We sorted canned food that had been donated to help feed the hungry. I just remember having the best day. Ever since, I try and volunteer whenever I can and wherever I may prove helpful.

Q: Describe your most memorable volunteer experience.

A: A few months ago, I received a thank you note from a high school student I tutor who referred to me as "a strong, independent woman" and said I should continue to "fight the power." That made my day. I feel like every night I leave the Southeast Clinic I feel inspired — inspired to do more and learn more. For me, volunteering is one of the most gratifying things I can do with my life.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I play soccer a couple nights a week, garden, take Polaroid pictures, and ride my little yellow scooter around South Park. I am actually on a road trip right now with my boyfriend and our dog. So far we've crashed our friend's family reunion, floated the Clark Fork of the Columbia River, and are now headed to Glacier National Park.

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge with helping the clients who come to your clinic?

A: Appreciating that clients often need more than legal advice. I have learned to come prepared with information on additional resources outside the legal venue and ready to listen.

Q: What is your favorite law-related movie?

A: "My Cousin Vinny." A class I had in law school used to show clips of the film in class as examples of what not to do in court. Always stuck with me, but I loved the movie too.

Gwen Remmen is KCBA's pro bono volunteer coordinator.


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