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From the Desk of the Executive Director

Your Ad Here: Promoting Your Practice in the Bar Bulletin

By Andrew Prazuch


One of the key benefits of KCBA membership is our monthly Bar Bulletin. Each month the KCBA Bar Bulletin is sent to 7,500 attorneys, judges and law professors in the Seattle-area legal community. It has been published continually since the 1950s, when its first editor was a recently admitted lawyer named Betty Fletcher (who would later become president of the bar and a federal appellate judge). Our current editor, Gene Barton, continues the Bar Bulletin's tradition of excellence.

Under Gene's leadership, the publication receives high marks from its readers for the quality of the articles, timeliness of the information and diversity of topics presented. It is definitely a "must read" for King County lawyers and judges. In addition to this exceptional editorial content, the announcements and advertisements you view in each month's Bar Bulletin are sold at a modest cost, which in turn funds the design, printing and distribution costs for this newspaper.

Earlier this spring, KCBA made a change to the monthly production process, which should have been unnoticeable to the average reader: We assumed responsibility for layout design and advertising sales. In the past, KCBA had outsourced these tasks, but a recent management review led us to conclude that we had sufficient staff capacity to assume these duties and consequently retain any extra advertising revenues for the bar's programmatic needs, rather than pay them to an outside vendor.

What kind of programs do Bar Bulletin revenues support? Our pro bono programs serve more than 10,000 clients each year. Our judicial candidate evaluations and judicial officer surveys provide valuable information to the public when casting votes in judicial elections. Our efforts to engage in matters of public policy allow the bar to educate the public about the legal aspects of death penalty reform, drug policy, same-sex marriage and a host of other issues. These are just a few of the activities undertaken by the bar and underwritten in part by extra revenues generated by the Bar Bulletin.

The professional announcements you see each month in the Bar Bulletin have long been a tradition in the legal profession as well as in the medical, academic, business and other communities. It's a way to acknowledge to your peers that you have partnered with colleagues or promoted an associate. It's a way to promote your own or your firm's expertise in order to develop business connections. It's a way to honor a colleague's accomplishments such as winning an award. And it's a way to pay public tribute to a deceased member of your firm.

While "Bar Talk" columnist Karen Sutherland covers many of these announcements in text format each month, space limitations often result in just brief mentions. A dedicated display advertisement in the Bar Bulletin can complement that news and highlight it more prominently.

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