September 2013 Bar Bulletin
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September 2013 Bar Bulletin

Bankruptcy Resources at the Public Law Library

By Kris Henderson
Reference Librarian


In keeping with this month's Bar Bulletin theme — equality or equity — I could string cite for the proposition that bankruptcy court is a court of equity. I'll spare you though and write about some of the bankruptcy resources at the Public Law Library of King County. In addition to strictly bankruptcy texts, we also have materials that address the intersection of bankruptcy and other areas of practice.

Materials that are located only in Kent or that have duplicate copies in Kent are noted. Regardless of where a book resides, we can always have it sent to the other location for review or pickup.

Introductory Materials

As with most areas of practice, there is a Nutshell that provides an introduction to the subject; we have David G. Epstein, Bankruptcy and Related Law in a Nutshell (West 8th ed. 2013). For a more extensive overview of bankruptcy, you might try the introductory volume of Collier on Bankruptcy or Bankruptcy Service, Lawyers Edition, discussed below.

Also, don't forget about CLE materials such as "Bankruptcy Boot Camp" (WSBA annually 2009-2012) and "Basic Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know" (KCBA 2012).


Collier on Bankruptcy (LexisNexis 16th ed., last updated 2013): Most would say that this is the authoritative treatise on bankruptcy. It has been published since 1898 and currently occupies 28 volumes. The first volume is devoted to introductory concepts and an overview of bankruptcy, and is followed by several volumes arranged by code section, as well as separate volumes addressing the bankruptcy rules, bankruptcy taxation, state law exemptions, commercial and consumer forms, and legislative history.

Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice (West 3d ed., last updated 2013), is a 13-volume set generally organized by Bankruptcy Code section. In addition to commentary, it also has forms and other practice aids. (This set resides at our Kent library.)

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