July 2015 Bar Bulletin
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July 2015 Bar Bulletin

Generate Business with a Homepage That Wows

By Dustin Reichard


Your homepage is undoubtedly the mother of all pages on your firm's website. It makes the first impression upon visitors. It represents your firm's virtual front office. Put simply, it has the power to transform website visitors into potential clients that will generate more business for your practice.

Despite this importance, many legal website homepages fail to generate leads. Don't let a critical component of your virtual office scare away business. Organize it with great copy to capture attention. The following examines six critical steps to help boost your firm's business with a homepage that wows.

Tell Visitors What You Do

People visiting your website are probably not doing so because they're bored on their lunch breaks. They are doing so because they are looking for an attorney to help solve a problem or answer a question, or to gain legal advice. Make their mission easier by clearly stating what your firm does. This includes your areas of practice, specialties and geographic reach.

In communicating what you do, ensure that your most important web copy is in the top 30 percent of your homepage. In the web world, this zone is typically referred to as "the top of the fold." This is where at least 80 percent of what visitors read first is located; so, make certain this zone tells visitors 100 percent of what you do.

One method is to use effective headlines. Clearly state what your areas of service are, what a client will achieve from working with your firm and what your firm can do for a client. If your homepage cannot quickly supply and communicate this information, then odds are that a visitor will grow confused and leave your site ... maybe forever.

Tell Visitors Why They Should Choose You

Let's face it, you're not the only attorney in Washington. Thus, outstanding web copy not only states what you do, but it effectively communicates why people should choose your firm. What makes you better than the other attorneys in your practice area? Have you won awards? Have you successfully represented more than "X" clients at trial? These are great questions to ask yourself when thinking about why people should choose you for their legal needs.

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