July 2012 Bar Bulletin
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July 2012 Bar Bulletin

Technology Can Make Your Small Firm a Success

By Alex B. Ferguson


A lot of attorneys dreamed of being a lawyer from a young age. They share stories about passionately arguing for their rights as toddlers and about competing on school debate teams. Not me though. My dream was to start a technology-related business.

My upbringing greatly contributed to my technology interests. My father sold Apple computers during the early 1980s. We always had computers around the house. By 1993, we were one of the first families on our block with Internet access. For the techies out there, the access was accomplished with a blazing, 2400-baud modem and Gopher (as opposed to World Wide Web) browsing.

Much has changed since those days. I started multiple small businesses, took a stab at a career in graphic design, attended business school, and eventually ended up in law school. I'm certainly glad to be an attorney; I am passionate about my law practice. But the way I see it, my firm is a business first and a practice second. My business just happens to be selling my legal skills and services.

Being a co-founder of my current firm, Pirtle Ferguson, I have been able to employ the lessons I learned from the worlds of technology and entrepreneurship. Using technology to your advantage doesn't mean you have shell out a bunch of money or learn how to write computer code. Instead, think of technology as an inexpensive way to level the playing field.

Building an Attractive and Useful Website

It's a given that if you have a business you need a website. To be successful, however, you can't just put up a bio and some practice areas and hope for the best.

You must create a website that is attractive, is easily accessible and simple to navigate, and contains content that is useful to potential clients. Fortunately, there are a number of free tools that will help you accomplish these goals.


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