June 2014 Bar Bulletin
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June 2014 Bar Bulletin

Why I Love Being a Part of the YLD

By Brent P. Bohan


My membership in the King County Bar Association and, in particular, the Young Lawyers Division has been invaluable to me. It has been essential in helping me build the skills I need to become a good attorney and provided me with opportunities for networking that are extremely important for young attorneys.

I became a member of the KCBA as soon as I received my bar card. I attended the University of Washington for my undergrad and then completed my law school at Vermont Law School. As a young attorney who attended an out-of-state law school, I did not have very many connections in the legal community in King County. I was thirsty for connections and I was eager to begin my legal career.

The YLD offered a home for me. I attended all its events, CLEs and, of course, my favorite, the happy hours. All the events, which include Bowling for Justice, the Winter Soiree and the 5k Fun Run (to name a few), were all extremely inviting and filled with a vibrancy.

I think young attorneys are crucial for the legal community. They bring an infusion of new blood into the legal field. They are hungry to learn. They are eager (maybe sometimes a little too much so) to gain experience. They bring an excitement and energy into the practice of law. The YLD events are no different. They provide an excellent venue for young attorneys to build connections that they hopefully will have for their entire legal careers.

One of my favorite things about the YLD is that it instills a sense of community and camaraderie among young attorneys. And we are a community. The attorneys at KCBA and YLD events are enthusiastic, intelligent people who want to contribute to society in a positive way.

I am consistently inspired and impressed with the other attorneys in the community. They help save other people's homes at the Housing Justice Project and they assist non-attorneys in navigating the complexities of the law library at the Walk-In Clinic at the King County Courthouse.

For the last three years I have witnessed the generosity of the attorneys during my volunteer time at my Neighborhood Legal Clinic at the Country Doctor on Capitol Hill. The attorneys at the NLC donate their time to dispense free legal advice to low-income people. Such programs demonstrate KCBA's commitment to access to justice.

I feel that helping everyone gain access to justice is crucial for our community. KCBA provides a venue for that to happen and the people who help the less fortunate gain housing or avoid being fired from their jobs, or even doing something as simple as listening to their problems, make me proud to be a part of the KCBA.

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