June 2013 Bar Bulletin
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June 2013 Bar Bulletin

Go-To Resources for Motions Practice

By Kris Henderson
Reference Librarian


I am grateful to the editor for a theme ("Go") that offers the latitude to write about what I want, which happens to be some of the go-to resources in the Public Law Library to help you in your motions practice. The article that follows is geared toward civil practice in Superior Court and U.S. District Court, but several of the resources address motions in other procedural contexts as well.

This article assumes that you will consult the bare text of the applicable rules, including local rules. Beyond that, you may find help in our collection by way of annotated rules and rule commentaries; resources particular to motions practice; other practice guides and treatises; and sources of sample forms for you to customize.

Annotated Rules and Rule Commentaries

Beyond the bare text of the applicable rules, you may find what you need in a set of annotated rules. Here are some sources, both state and federal:

Rules Practice by Karl Tegland (West), volumes 2-4B of Washington Practice: The text of each rule is followed by the author's comments, including a brief comparison to the corresponding federal rule, if there is one. There are also case annotations, but the author's commentaries are the stars in these volumes. This and all other Washington Practice materials are available on the library's public Westlaw.

Washington Court Rules Annotated (West 2012–2013): This three-volume set includes case notations, references to Washington Practice, and law review articles. The Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Appellate Procedure also contain commentaries written by the editors, Susan E. Foster and Rebecca S. Engrav.

O'Connor's Federal Rules: Civil Trials 2013 (Jones McClure): This volume provides brief annotated commentaries on different aspects of civil trial practice, including motions in general and specific types of motions. The chapters addressing motions typically include information on appellate review. In addition to the topical commentaries, the book also has annotated Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Other sources of annotated federal rules: The print United States Code Annotated and United States Code Service have several volumes of annotated federal procedural rules. The USCA is also available on our public Westlaw, while the USCS is available on our public Lexis.

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