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No Pressure — The Law Library Can Help!

By Rick Stroup
Interim Director


Sometimes the pressure really is on when you walk into the courthouse. When it is, don’t forget that the Law Library is here to help.

Whether you need to run your research strategy by one of our librarians, need to quickly check your email or just need a quiet place to gather your thoughts, we offer a number of services to support your work with the courts.

Email Reference

Save yourself or your staff some valuable time by emailing your research question to us in advance. We’ll review it and let you know how best to pursue it using the paper and electronic resources we have available. The email address is

Conference Rooms

Meeting space is scarce in both courthouses. Our Seattle location has five conference rooms and our Kent location has one. They range in size from small rooms that can accommodate four to five people to large rooms that can accommodate 12 to 15 people.

They are available on a first-come, first-served basis and can be reserved for a modest hourly fee. If your reservation extends beyond one day, you also have the option of purchasing an amenities cart. It includes bottled water, healthy snacks and a range of office supplies.

All rooms can be reserved by the hour or by the full day. Our conference rooms are one of our most popular services, so please plan ahead if you wish to reserve one.


We have public-access computers in both locations where you can use Westlaw, Lexis and HeinOnline to search primary materials. You can also test hypothetical child support scenarios with SupportCalc or pick the brains of some of our region’s brightest legal minds by searching the Washington State Bar Association’s deskbooks via Casemaker.

Document Delivery

If you have what we librarians refer to as a “known item” — a citation to a specific case, statute, journal article or treatise — we can grab it for you and deliver it via fax or email for a modest fee. Turnaround time is officially one business day, but we can usually fulfill your request within an hour or so.

Photocopying, Faxing and Scanning

The old standbys are still here to make your trip to the courthouse more efficient. We have photocopiers with fast document feeders in both locations. We can also make full-color copies for you. We can send or receive faxes on your behalf. For the latter, please let us know in advance, so we can keep an eye out for the incoming documents.

We can scan paper documents in color or black and white and turn them into PDFs. Please be sure to let us know if you will be submitting the files to the county’s e-filing system, so we can make sure your documents comply with the file size requirements.

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