May 2016 Bar Bulletin
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Board Considers Dues Rate

The following are highlights from the KCBA Board of Trustees meeting held on March 16, convened by KCBA President Kim Tran.
The Board began by continuing its consideration of the Membership Committee’s recommendation for a dues increase. Executive Director Andrew Prazuch provided a budgetary justification that the Board had previously requested. Paul Crisalli, Membership Committee chair, briefed the trustees on the Committee’s reasoning and decision-making process for recommending a $20 dues increase for FY2017. After discussion, by a vote of 10 in favor and 4 opposed, the Board approved raising regular dues by $5 more than the Committee recommended — an increase of $25 beginning in FY2017 — in order to meet Reserve Fund goals.

Prazuch also briefed the trustees on Breakfast With Champions preparations, including expected attendance numbers, an increase of sponsorships and a speaker change to Ari Shapiro when Morris Dees became unable to attend the Breakfast, and he encouraged the trustees to attend the program. (Breakfast coverage appears on page 14.) Next, he reported on difficulties with KCBA’s current streaming video system and explained plans for a new, more reliable system.

Lastly, he informed the trustees that judicial retirements have left six open judge positions on the King County Superior Court bench and that he expects an increase in requests for judicial screenings. The Board requested that Prazuch review KCBA’s practices for publicly releasing ratings and report back to the trustees.

Treasurer Kinnon Williams reported that as of January 31, KCBA has received $2.5 million in revenue, with $1.9 million in expenses, for net income of $620,000. In addition, the Association has $1.7 million in cash and cash equivalents, and has $959,000 in reserves.

YLD Chair Peter Talevich presented highlights from recent YLD events, including participation with the ABA YLD on an event with the ABA president in Seattle, a successful Bridging the GAP CLE hosted by Foster Pepper, and the Fun Run in which more than 100 people participated. He also briefed the trustees on an upcoming United Way homelessness event and CLEs planned for May and June. Lastly, he reported that the YLD was completing the process for slating new applicants to the YLD Board for terms beginning July 1. (The YLD Board slate appears on pages 16–17.)

First Vice President Kathryn Battuello directed the trustees’ attention to a revised draft resolution proposing to create a task force to examine whether barriers exist in the legal system that can be removed to minimize disproportionate involvement by race, gender, income, sexual orientation, and/or disabilities in King County’s juvenile justice system. After discussion, the Board approved the resolution with various amendments; a copy of the approved resolution is online

In other business, Tran presented highlights from her recent opportunity to represent KCBA and serve as a judge for the YMCA Mock Trial Competition. Tran also led the Board in a strategic planning exercise to identify internal organizational strengths and weaknesses. The results will become part of ongoing discussions related to the adoption of a new multi-year strategic plan in the months ahead.

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