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Profile / Scott Weaver

Balancing Act

By Evan L. Loeffler


I first met Scott Weaver in the late 1990s while teaching a CLE on commercial evictions. Scott was a litigation associate at a boutique real estate firm in Seattle. He introduced himself and asked if I would mind if he periodically consulted with me on some of his cases. I encouraged him to do so.

Few attorneys before or since have taken advantage of my offer on such a regular basis. Scott always returned the favor when I needed to talk to a knowledgeable attorney on a tricky case. Soon enough, Scott and I were teaching CLEs together. We are more than just professional colleagues; we have become friends.

Scott's attitude toward litigation is refreshing in that he is more interested in problem solving than punishing the adversary. Playing "Gotcha!" games with procedure is not Scott's thing. He prefers moving the case forward toward resolution efficiently and expeditiously. Having known Scott for many years now, I think it is just how he is wired.

Scott's path to the practice of law was convoluted. His father passed away when he was 15 and he got sidetracked, barely graduating from high school. Scott enlisted in the U.S. Army. The Army provided Scott with the discipline and guidance he needed to grow and mature.

After his military service, Scott graduated from the University of San Diego where he studied finance, English and history. Scott thrived at USD both academically and in positions of leadership. At commencement, Scott was the recipient of the school's Alcala Award, given to only two graduating seniors, one male and one female, who exemplify USD's goal of providing a holistic educational experience.

After completing his undergraduate education, Scott accepted a sales job with Burlington Industries in Los Angeles. He quickly realized corporate sales was not for him. Within six months, he turned in the company car and spent the winter in Squaw Valley where he skied and waited tables. During this time he applied to law school.

Scott began his stint at UCLA Law in the fall of 1993. Scott was amazed by the number of students who took the education too seriously. "It was as if their life depended upon getting an ‘A' in Civil Procedure," he recalls. Scott's approach to the education was much more laid back. During finals his second year, he recalls one classmate who looked as if she might pop, asking, "How do you do it? Unlike the rest of us you are so ... so normal."

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