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From the Desk of the Executive Director

Checking in on KCBA's Five-Year Strategic Plan

By Andrew Prazuch

Two years ago this month, the Board of Trustees adopted a five-year strategic plan for the bar. The result of almost 12 months' work by the 2010-2011 board (led by then-President Mark Fordham), the document was designed to identify broad goals that would advance KCBA's mission of supporting its membership, promoting the legal system and profession, achieving excellence in the administration of justice, benefiting the community, and offering opportunities for public service and input into public policy.

Rather than relegate that good effort to collecting dust on a shelf (can an electronic document collect dust?), I thought it would be worthwhile to review KCBA's progress to date, and preview what work remains to be done over the next 2½ years. The full text of the plan is online at

Member Services

Chief among the goals in this area is to reach 51% "market share" for membership among all active King County attorneys as reported by the state bar. This is proving to be a challenge for the bar, despite tremendous attention devoted to it by our Membership Committee and staff. We consistently keep our membership at more than 5,400 each year, retaining in excess of 85% of past-year members year to year. However, that means we are recruiting at least 800 new members each year to replace those who do not renew, before we can even start increasing the overall number. That's a tall order, and one on which we have not yet given up.

Other member service goals are on track, such as a new effort aimed at developing programming for senior lawyers through our new BOLD program. A new government/public defender membership category was launched last year. A new Diversity Committee has been formed. We have refocused energies on several CLE programs that are among our best performing each year.

We still have work to do on articulating a compelling vision for our Pillars of the Bar program (those firms with 100% membership), developing more services aimed at solo/small-firm attorneys, and increasing our presence outside the downtown core of Seattle.

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