April 2016 Bar Bulletin
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April 2016 Bar Bulletin

Good to the Last Drop

By Alan Funk


The Last Drop of BloodBy J. Stephen FunkAuthor House, 2015


Myra’s pulse was up, but her blood pressure and respiration were dropping by the second. The nurse didn’t know what to do, and the attending physician was in the doctor’s lounge, useless, unresponsive and on Quaaludes.

As Myra’s skin turned gray and her lips blue, Nurse Fox fought back her tears, called the doctor again and charted the patient’s decline. One set of medical records would show that Myra died from postpartum hemorrhaging. A second set of medical records would prove that the attending physician did not perform dilation and curettage — a procedure that would have stopped the blood loss on a more probable than not basis.

J. Stephen Funk’s latest book, The Last Drop of Blood, pits Joe Gold of The Gold Law Firm against the hospital, powerful downtown law firms, insurance companies and a dangerous doctor. Fighting in the name of justice and on behalf of Myra’s surviving spouse, Myra’s daughter, and the brave nurses, Gold risks his own safety to bring the case to trial.

Set in Seattle in the late 1960s, The Last Drop of Blood is peopled with familiar faces any personal injury lawyer will recognize. The story follows multiple characters across the Pacific Northwest and north into Canada as Gold tracks down the doctor’s drug source, protects his witnesses and prepares for trial.

As the novel unfolds, the characters are cleverly fleshed out, many facing difficult personal choices. A host of well-developed individuals carries the book to its conclusion: the grumpy-but-honest insurance representative; the quiet, effective and experienced defense lawyer; the aggressive, risk-
taking, inexperienced defense lawyer; the ambitious police officer; the drug-addicted doctor; the young, innocent, brave nurse; the no-nonsense judge; and the mourning plaintiff.

Discovery, pretrial motions, the drama in the courtroom, and other legal maneuverings are integral to the story. The plot culminates at trial, but not before surprises and plot twists force the protagonist to risk everything dear to him.

The Last Drop of Blood is receiving glowing reviews on Amazon. A legal thriller reminiscent of John Grisham’s and Scott Turow’s work, The Last Drop of Blood is a page-turner — good to the very last drop.

Alan Funk is an attorney with Wechsler Becker. He is the son of the author.

J. Stephen Funk of The Funk Law Firm, now retired, drew on decades of his own experience representing the little guy against hospitals, doctors, well-financed downtown law firms, and insurance companies. He was first admitted to the bar in 1963 and began working in the prosecuting attorney’s office, civil division. After years of defending the city and the school district, he found his true calling as a plaintiffs’ attorney.

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