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Believing in KCBA's Mission



If I were to survey the KCBA membership, I predict that 99 percent of you would not know what the bar's "mission" is or even that we have one. Since believing in and committing to KCBA's mission is a big part of my job, I thought I'd spend a few hundred words this month letting you know more about it.

Let's start by looking at KCBA's current mission statement (which appears each month in the Bar Bulletin masthead on page 2):

The King County Bar Association provides support to its diverse membership; promotes a just, collegial and accessible legal system and profession; works with the judiciary to achieve excellence in the administration of justice; strives to benefit the community through its own efforts and those of its Foundation; and offers opportunities for public service and input into matters of public policy.

Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?

I haven't searched for any historical records about how/why it was first articulated this way (any KCBA historians out there who remember?). But if we are like most other membership organizations, KCBA's statement is likely the result of many hours of discussion and wordsmithing. It's meant to be the yardstick against which future programming ideas and position statements are measured.

Also, like most mission statements, it is so broad and can cover so many contingencies that you could drive a truck through it.

That said, I believe a good mission statement should be as all-encompassing as possible, giving future leaders of an organization enough flexibility to adapt it to current needs without needing to regularly revisit and recraft it.

Now, let's examine the five components of the statement more carefully and perhaps better understand how they connect to KCBA in 2015.

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