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Profile / Mike Wampold & Felix Luna

Brothers in Law

By Theresa Knopp


In 1996, two young law students were selected to compete together on a team of four in the Regional Mock Trial Competition at the University of Washington School of Law. Sharing common goals, big dreams and unquestionably charismatic personalities, the men quickly became friends and wished to one day practice together as trial lawyers.

With this hope in mind they continued to study at the UW, yet after graduation each went to work for different large firms. While many of their goals were realized in their budding careers, it was uncertain for a while whether their dream of working side by side would ever happen. Though they had come from different social and ethnic backgrounds, each was a product of a public high school education. As young professionals, they were now forging distinct careers, but common themes of identification with individuals over institutions, strong advocacy, a commitment to integrity and giving back to their community emerged.

Michael Simon Wampold is a Seattle native. He grew up in the area, attended the Seattle public schools and graduated from Franklin High School. He then attended Yale College, where he thrived as a student and graduated magna cum laude in history. While at Yale, Wampold won a fellowship that allowed him to study and teach in China, fostering a passion for mentorship that would continue throughout his professional career.

After attending Yale, Wampold went on to study law at the University of Washington. In his third year of law school, Wampold met 2L Felix Gavi Luna as they competed together on the school's Mock Trial team. Wampold was the president of the Moot Court Honor Board at the time, and acted as mentor to Luna. He even returned to coach Luna and the Mock Trial team after graduation, as Luna finished up his final year of law school.

By then it was clear that they were not only bonded as teammates and friends, but as teacher and student, sharing information and strategies that only strengthened their hopes of a future partnership.

In becoming an attorney, Wampold followed in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather, who were both Seattle lawyers. He began his career as an associate at the Seattle firm of Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson, where he was quite successful and was assured of a strong and stable career ahead.

But Wampold had dreams he couldn't shake of starting up his own plaintiff practice and ultimately decided to do just that. In 2002, Wampold opened the Law Office of Michael S. Wampold in Seattle, which in 2004 merged with the firm of Peterson Young Putra (now Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp).

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