February 2015 Bar Bulletin
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Board Opposes Elimination of Live CLE Requirement


The following are highlights from the KCBA Board of Trustees meeting held on December 17, convened by KCBA President Steven Rovig.

Michele Radosevich, WSBA past president and chair of the WSBA Task Force on Continuing Legal Education, briefed the trustees on the Task Force's recommendations and proposed changes to the state's CLE rules. Among the topics she reviewed were the proposed elimination of the live credit requirement, changes to the approved course subjects, and the addition of credit for mentoring.

Jason Hanson, KCBA CLE Committee chair, briefed the trustees on the Committee's recommendation that the Board oppose the total elimination of live CLE credit. After discussion, the Board approved, by a vote of 8 to 2, the Committee's recommendation that KCBA oppose the elimination of live credit. (Please see Steven Rovig's column on page 2 for more information.)

Rovig briefed the trustees on his attendance as a KCBA representative at King County Superior Court's National Adoption Day event. He reported on discussions at a recent liaison meeting with the WSBA president and executive director, and noted that the Supreme Court had accepted KCBA's request to allow for more time to comment on pending court technology rules. Additionally, he gave an update on the Seattle Housing Authority's changes to the proposed "Stepping Forward" program.

Executive Director Andrew Prazuch reported that KCBA hired a new development manager and gave an update on continued statewide diversity coordination discussions.

On behalf of the treasurer, Prazuch reported that as of October 31, KCBA had received $1.8 million in revenue, with $964,000 in expenses, for net income of $923,000. In addition, the Association has $1.7 million in cash and cash equivalents, and $866,000 in reserves. He also noted that Finance Committee members had met with the auditors to discuss in detail the audit results.

Nathan Hartman and Brian Burns from the independent audit firm of Peterson & Sullivan LLP presented their firm's audit of the Association's financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2014. The audit applied analytical procedures to management's financial data and made inquiries of management and the treasurer. The Association received a "clean audit" and no material modifications needed to be made to the accompanying 2014 consolidated financial statements. They also noted additional controls surrounding bank reconciliations and journal entries had been established.

Neal Black, chair of the Public Policy Committee, briefed the trustees on the Committee's resolution in support of the Certificate of Restoration Program. After discussion, by voice vote the Board approved the Committee's draft resolution calling for a certificate of restoration of opportunity that would allow a person with a criminal record to obtain relief from a statutory or regulatory bar to occupational licensing and employment solely by reason of a prior criminal record.

Finally, in information reports, Young Lawyers Division Vice Chair Peter Talevich briefed the Board on YLD's successful CLE "Job Search 411" and encouraged the trustees to attend the upcoming Winter Soiree where the Mentor of the Year Award will be presented. Nicole Gaines encouraged her fellow trustees to submit recommendations of potential new bar leaders for consideration by the Leadership Development & Nominations Committee.

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