February 2014 Bar Bulletin
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Law Library Subscriber Fees Due


February is that time of year where you must renew your subscription to the services of the Public Law Library of King County for 2014. Why does my subscription renewal matter, you may ask.

The Law Library receives funds from several sources. The major source of funding is a portion of civil filing fees paid in King County Superior Court and King County District Court. We receive $20 from each Superior Court civil filing and $7 from each District Court civil filing.

Unfortunately, the revenue received from filings in Superior Court in 2013 was down 9.5 percent from 2012. While the revenue received from District Court filings was $42,000 more than 2012, it doesn't make up for the loss of Superior Court fees.

We are grateful for the King County Council appropriation of $169,608 that supports the operation of the Law Library at the Maleng Regional Justice Center.

Revenue received from subscriber fees comprises a little more than 12 percent of our income. With the continued decline in Superior Court civil filing fees, your support of the Law Library in the form of subscriber fees is a very important part of our revenue.

The Law Library also receives income from photocopier fees, book fines, conference room reservation fees, document delivery fees, notary service fees (in Kent) and sales of forms packets.

What are the benefits of a subscription? The Law Library continues to maintain a diversified collection of treatises. While any visitor to the library may use these materials in the library, subscribers may check them out of the library for use at home or at the office.

We supplement the collection with subscriptions to Westlaw, LexisNexis, HeinOnline and Family Law SupportCalc. This spring, we will provide access to WestlawNext on our public access computers. Access to these programs is free for the user; the user only pays for printouts.

As a subscriber you receive a discount on services such as conference room reservation fees and document delivery fees. Your support of the library also allows us to host various legal clinics that provide legal assistance to people without lawyers.

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