February 2014 Bar Bulletin
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February 2014 Bar Bulletin

Best of 2013: "Notice of Appeal - Washington Supreme Court Review"

By Leonard Feldman and Hunter Ferguson


If you have a continuing interest in Washington Supreme Court case law, as many of us do, you probably know that it takes time and effort to stay current. One way that you can do so is through the Court's website, which announces rulings granting discretionary review and provides links to merits opinions.1

Another way to stay current is through social media, including our firm's appellate blog called "Notice of Appeal - Washington Supreme Court Review."2 As described briefly below, the blog tracks rulings granting discretionary review and merits opinions. In both respects, the blog is intended to be an additional resource for keeping up to date on significant new decisions and quickly locating information about past decisions.

This article describes the work of the bloggers and content of the blog, describes how you can ask to receive blog notices, and shares two of our favorite blog entries of 2013.

Although not all of the Washington Supreme Court's docket is discretionary, much of it is. Lawyers with important cases that arguably merit Supreme Court review file a petition for review explaining why the Court should hear the case.

In cases in which the Court of Appeals has issued a final decision terminating review, the reasons for discretionary review by the Supreme Court are:

  • "the decision of the Court of Appeals is in conflict with a decision of the Supreme Court";
  • "the decision of the Court of Appeals is in conflict with another decision of the Court of Appeals";
  • "a significant question of law under the Constitution of the State of Washington or of the United States is involved"; and

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