January 2017 Bar Bulletin
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January 2017 Bar Bulletin

An Historical Perspective on Our Mid-Year Preview of Coming Attractions


Happy New Year! For KCBA, January marks the mid-point in our operating year, which means KCBA leadership is assessing progress made on our working agenda for 2016–2017 and identifying what we need to accomplish during the six months leading up to July 1.

As many of us are wont to do when considering the start of a new year, I spent some time taking a walk down memory lane looking for insights in the mid-year progress reports from my predecessors over the last 13 years. That there are similarities between our 2017 pending agenda and the issues past presidents addressed in their January columns is, for me, evidence that KCBA continues to focus on priorities that are mission driven and important to both its membership and the larger community in which we practice.

In the spirit of launching a new year, I decided to try a different approach to summarizing our mid-year report, using images to help depict the relationship between KCBA leadership’s pending agenda for the first six months of 2017 and a few of the remarkable leaders who paved the way forward to today. If you have questions or concerns about the pending agenda or issues you think the bar should be addressing, please reach out to me or any trustee.

The illustration below fails to capture how much time KCBA trustees and volunteers on various committees and working groups are devoted to completing the pending agenda that is depicted in our 2017 pie. I can assure you that they are working hard to deliver their respective slices. Moreover, the pending agenda does not include a variety of matters that we anticipate needing to address (e.g., appeals to support mission-related legislation, court-funding issues, implicit-bias training, review and approval of amicus briefs) and matters we do not currently anticipate, but which could be initiated through any committee, section, member or partner in the larger access-to-justice community. In other words, January through June is not likely to be a downhill slide for KCBA or KCBF trustees, or KCBA administration.

As you move your agenda at work, I hope you will pause to reflect on the remarkable contributions past bar leaders (those reflected below and the many, many more who are not) have made to advance our profession, support our courts and improve our larger community.

I look forward to seeing MANY of you on January 13 at our annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy; a legacy we need to support and carry forward now more than ever.

Kathryn “Kate” Battuello is the president of the King County Bar Association. She works at the University of Washington where she serves as the director of external business relations for the School of Medicine. She can be reached at kbatt@uw.edu or 206-616-5879.

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