January 2015 Bar Bulletin
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January 2015 Bar Bulletin

Eggnog or Die: How Seattle Met's Top 25 Cocktails List Took over Three Lives


It began simply enough.

Seattle Met published a quick article calling out the best cocktails in Seattle. Midway through the article, I spotted it - an inviting and warm photo of large brown eggs, milk, sugar and a whisk next to a mouthwatering photo of a petite glass of eggnog.

We fell in love.

Me first: I had just watched "Love Actually" for the fifth time since the downtown office buildings began erecting holiday displays. As a consequence, I had an unusually spirited response to holiday liquor. I guess you could say I was the bad influence on the two other people who followed me down the eggnog rabbit hole.

Two weeks, and hours of planning, later, it became clear that obtaining the eggnog we coveted may be a fool's errand.

The eggnog was the boozy type made by Sun Liquor (607 Summit Ave. E., Seattle, 860-1130; Sun Liquor Distillery, 512 E. Pike St., 720-1600; sunliquor.com). I have to admit, when I sent the article to another lawyer in town, I had not read it carefully. What I saw was bourbon, rum, apple brandy, eggs, cream and 50 days of aging. We made plans to go the following Sunday. But before leaving for one of the two Sun Liquor locations, I read the fine print. Sun Liquor made the eggnog in small batches and bottled some. To get it in the Sun Liquor locations, you would need to arrive on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

A government lawyer would later remark that he would get it on Christmas, because being Jewish, he had nothing better to do on Christmas. Yet, this was out of the question for someone who had seen "Love Actually" so many times and put up a Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. I could not leave my family on either day for eggnog. The article continued to explain that Sun Liquor would be selling bottles at its inaugural Nog Ball, where eating, drinking and merriness would occur on December 11.

The Nog Ball, inexplicably, was sold out.

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