January 2015 Bar Bulletin
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January 2015 Bar Bulletin

Estate Planning Council of Seattle Announces New Book Releases


While most people don't want to think about dying, estate planners think about it all the time. Their job is to make sure that individuals' and families' affairs are in order when someone passes away.

To help educate the public on these difficult topics, the Estate Planning Council of Seattle (http://www.epcseattle.org/) has issued updated versions of two books: Dealing with the Death of a Loved One (http://www.epcseattle.org/book2.cfm) and Estate Planning (http://www.epcseattle.org/book1.cfm).

E-books are available for free; printed books are available to the public for $6 each at http://www.epcseattle.org/cat/publications1.cfm. Books can also be purchased by sending a request with a check to the Estate Planning Council of Seattle, P.O. Box 99593, Seattle, WA 98139, or by calling 206-504-4968.

Estate Planning discusses issues of life, property and death that everyone must face. It reviews basic terms and concepts of estate planning, how to approach planning for disposition of one's estate following a death, and what tools to put in place to manage an estate if one becomes incapacitated. It also provides an overview of taxes, lifetime giving, life insurance, retirement planning, estate administration, and special issues involving children, as well as other related topics for Washington residents.

This publication has two major goals:

  • To help individuals understand the need for estate planning and related personal planning, as well as the critical importance of executing the plan; and
  • To provide a non-technical resource that explains general estate and personal planning terminology, as well as related legal concepts. A basic background in this area will make the time spent with a professional advisor more productive and efficient.

Dealing with the Death of a Loved One covers topics that close family members, a close friend, or the executor or personal representative of an estate must know about when someone dies. These include knowing about what to do first, how to take care of survivors, taking care of funeral arrangements, and legal matters. It is a good guidebook to have on hand in the days after a loved one dies.

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