What is my username/password?

Usernames and passwords were initially e-mailed to all regular members. If you joined recently you should receive (or will shortly receive) an e-mail containing login information. If not, read below.

Your username is the e-mail address that you have on file with KCBA. It's the same address that you receive all KCBA-related communications via. This address goes in the username field of all login areas on our site.

If you need to retrieve a lost or forgotten password click here to visit the password help page.

I'm sure I entered in the right username/password but it still says I've entered it in incorrectly.

First, Please check to ensure your browser is not using any Auto Complete features. You can tell if these features are active if, when you start typing in a field, a list "drops down" to give you several choices of previous entries from which to choose. Also this feature may be active if fields are already filled-in with text when you first come to a page. Your browser will often prompt you asking "Do you want to remember the password for this site?" or something to that effect.

This can be especially problematic with passwords as the text you enter into that field is hidden and appears only as bullets or asterisks, thereby making it not possible for you to identify an incorrect entry.

If you have autocomplete features turned on and you are having trouble entering in your username/password, first clear any entries in your e-mail address and password fields when you first get to the KCBA website. Then re-type the correct username and password into the respective fields and re-attempt your login.

When I use the "Password Help" link I don't receive the e-mail.

I receive an error message when accessing a webpage or doing a certain action.

First log out of the site, close all open browser windows and try to duplicate the action you were doing when you received the message.

If that doesn't solve the issue please copy the entire text of this message, especially the text below the "ERROR INFORMATION" line, and e-mail it to webmaster@kcba.org.

Sending the error information not only provides us with valuable information as to the nature of the error but also notifies us of the problem so we can correct it for you as well as future visitors to the website.

This document is a work in progress and will be updated as common issues are identified. Last updated July 24, 2012

If you have questions (legal help, our programs, etc) please call 206-267-7100.