Volunteer Opportunities

The Records Project provides direct representation to clients with vacate eligible convictions in King County through volunteer attorneys. A vacated conviction is removed from publicly accessible background search services and gives clients the right to tell potential employers or landlord that they were not convicted of the vacated charge. The Records Project maintains a panel of attorneys who work with low-income people, including specific populations such as people with HIV/AIDS, homeless people, immigrants (regardless of immigration status), and people with limited English.

Who We Serve

  • The Records Project assists low-income people with convictions from courts in King County. 

What We Do

Direct Representation

The Records Project provides direct representation by volunteer attorneys to low-income clients with convictions eligible to be vacated in King County. The Records Project screens cases for financial eligibility and legal eligibility. If found eligible, the program attempts to find a volunteer attorney to handle the case for free. 

How To Reach Services


If you have a conviction from a King County court, have completed all obligations of your sentence, and believe it may be eligible to be vacated, call to schedule an intake with the Records Project at 206-267-7085, Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

The Case Manager will return your call and schedule an intake with you by phone or in-person at our office. Intakes take about 30 minutes and will involve basic questions about your income, demographic info, and what you are hoping to achieve with the Project. If you qualify financially for the Records project, they will research your criminal history to determine whether you have a conviction eligible to vacate under Washington law.

Interpreters are available upon request at no additional cost to clients.