Outstanding Young Lawyer Award

KCBA President Andrew Maron and 2018 Winner Peter Talevich

At the beginning of every year the Young Lawyers Division Board of Trustees invites KCBA members to nominate a young lawyer (defined as those in the first five years of practice, or up to the age of 36) whom they feel deserves the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award.

The Award is intended to recognize any combination of the following:

  • Substantial contributions to the legal profession of a legal or non-legal nature, and/or
  • Substantial contributions to the King County Bar Association, and/or
  • Substantial contributions to the community, and/or
  • Demonstrated excellence in their legal practice.

A YLD committee then considers all nominees and recommends a recipient to the Association's Board of Trustee, which ultimately makes the selection. The award will then be presented during KCBA’s Annual Awards Dinner held in June and a profile of the recipient will be featured in the June edition of the Bar Bulletin.

To nominate a young lawyer, please send the following to Austin Lawhorn at austinl@kcba.org.

  1. A resume or brief biography of the nominee.
  2. A brief letter of nomination that is not more the two pages, detailing why the nominee deserves the award. Please include several specific examples of exemplary contributions.
Prior recipients:

Debra Akhbari (2019)
Peter Talevich (2018)
Jason Rittereiser (2017)
Taki V. Flevaris (2016)
Joanna Plichta Boisen (2015)
Binah B. Yeung (2014)
Clayton P. Graham (2013)
Amanda M. Stock (2012)
Jamila A. Johnson (2011)
Shankar Narayan (2010)
Pallavi M. Wahi (2009)
Karolyn A. Hicks (2008)
Lisa A. Hayes (2007)
Theodore J. Angelis (2006)
Felix Gavi Luna (2005)
Cristobal Joshua Alex (2004)
Jennifer Johnson Grant (2003)
James E. Breitenbucher (2002)
Kristi L. Helgeson (2001)
Sevilla Claydon (2000)
Edsonya Charles (1999)
Millicent D. Newhouse (1998)
Janet M. Helson (1997)
J. Tate London &
Stephen P. VanDerhoef (1996)
Brian Myers (1995)
Kathleen J. Hopkins (1994)
Michele Jones-Garling (1992)
NLC Committee (1991)
Rosemary Dasiewicz (1990),
Nancy Talner & Loren Marshall (1989)
Mike Larson (1988)
Michelle A. Gammer & John R. Ruhl (1987)