New Admittees

Swearing-in ceremonies are organized by KCBA to recognize one of the most important milestones that a new lawyer reaches: having a judicial officer administer the oath of attorney. Below are several specific questions and answers about the ceremonies. For a general overview, please read the article "Finding the Fountain of Youth Through New Admittees" that first appeared in the May 2019 KCBA Bar Bulletin. View photos from past ceremonies from the menu bar on the right side of this page.

General Questions

A: The next Swearing-In Ceremonies will be in the spring of 2020. If you need to be sworn-in now or cannot make a KCBA hosted event, there is more information on walk-in ceremonies below.

A: Chief Civil Judge Julie Spector holds walk-in ceremonies every Friday promptly at 1:30 pm in Courtroom W-325 of the King County Courthouse. Just bring your Oath of Attorney form for the Judge to sign. You do not need to sign-up to attend this ceremony. For questions please email Judge Spector's bailiff at

A: Make sure you’ve completed all the steps outlined by WSBA. Once you’ve completed that process it may take several weeks to receive your bar card. Any questions about this process should be directed to WSBA at; or (206) 727-8209.

KCBA Swearing-In Ceremonies

A: Approximately an hour.

A: King County Courthouse, 516 3rd Ave., Room E-942.

A: Yes.We will have a registration link when we get closer to the spring ceremony. We have limited space and usually our ceremonies fill up. We cannot guarantee you or your guests a seat if you did not RSVP.

A: Professional attire is required for attorneys -- you are taking a solemn oath as an officer of the Court! Just as the judge wears his or her judicial robe, attorneys must also dress appropriately: jackets and ties for men; suits or dresses for women. Your guests are not required to wear professional attire, but their attire should likewise show respect to the Court.

A: Nothing! We will have an Oath with your name on it. Just stop by our check-in table on the way to your seat and sign it. After the Judge signs them, we will take them to WSBA.

A: We understand that your loved ones want to share this special day with you, but space is limited and we want to ensure that your fellow admittees have seats for their loved ones too. So please try to respect the guest limit of two.

A: The Presiding Judge will give the opening remarks. Then a special guest speaker, the KCBA President, and a board member of the Young Lawyers Division will each give an address. After which each admittee will be recognized individually (either by special presenters or asked to stand briefly). Finally, all admittees will stand together and recite the Oath.

A: You and your guests are welcome to take pictures throughout the ceremony. Afterwards, you can get your picture taken with the Presiding Judge using your own camera. In addition, we will also have a professional photographer taking pictures that you can order. You will get an email when her pictures are uploaded. We encourage all new admittees to pose for a professional photo with the presiding judge; you don't need to decide if you wish to purchase until you get the email with additional information. If you join KCBA within 30 days of the ceremony, you may request a complimentary copy of your photo by emailing our membership staff at

Joining KCBA

A: Immediately! You do not need to wait for your bar card to join KCBA. You can join here.

A: As a new Admittee, dues are only $50 for your first year. You will also get two free sections ($80 value) and your choice of chapter from the Washington Lawyers Practice Manual ($75 value).

A: Dues are as low as $95 – plus you’re still eligible for the two free sections and the free chapter of the Washington Lawyers Practice Manual.

A: We want to help you navigate your new career! You will automatically be a part of our Young Lawyers Division, which dedicates itself to organizing events geared specifically towards new attorneys. This includes free monthly happy hours (perfect for making important connections), free monthly CLEs (learn what you weren’t taught in school), and opportunities to meet local lawyers in a more relaxed setting (Trivia Night, 5K Fun Run, non-law related community volunteer projects).

A: Contact our membership department at