Title 11 Guardianship Gal Training

2- Day Initial Certification Training, June 3 & 4
1-Day Re-Certification Training, June 4
June 3 & 4, 2020
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle 

CLE Credits Pending
Agenda and registration information will be available at a later date.

Qualifications for KING COUNTY – download the Administrative Policy

Administrative Policy

A guardian ad litem (GAL) is an adult who is appointed by the court to represent the best interests of an individual for a specific purpose for a specific period of time. Under the direction of the court, a GAL performs an investigation and prepares a report for the court of the GAL's findings and recommendations.  A GAL is an officer of the court and must maintain independence, conduct herself or himself professionally, avoid conflicts of interest, treat parties with respect, become informed about the case, timely inform the court of relevant information, limit duties to those ordered by the court, inform individuals about her or his role in the case, maintain the parties' privacy, perform duties in a timely manner, maintain documentation, and keep records of time and expenses.  Re-Certification Training is required annually.

There are different types of GAL registries, please make sure that you attend the training for that particular registry.  Title 11 GALs must comply with all qualifications and requirements in their respective counties. 

This training is open to all interested persons. However, this training does NOT satisfy registry requirements for Title 26 Family Law GALs, Adoption GALs, or Dependency GALs.  This training does NOT satisfy the requirements for Initial Certification to the Washington State Certified Professional Guardian Registry.  Completion of this training does not guarantee appointment to any county registry

Step 1:  Verify that you meet the qualifications in the county(ies) that you will be applying to be on the registry.  Check your county superior court website for information.

Step 2:  Attend the APPROPRIATE Guardian ad Litem Training

Step 3:  Complete and submit the county(ies) application

Step 4:  Once your application has been approved, the county registry manager will contact you.


Event Details

June 03, 2020 - June 04, 2020
Credits: CLE Credits Pending
Washington State Convention Center
705 Pike Street
Seattle,  WA
There is no registration for this event.