Past Presidents Annual Breakfast

Past Presidents Annual Breakfast

Each spring the past presidents of the King County Bar Association and Foundation gather for a reunion breakfast.  In recent years we have taken a group photo of those in attendance from each organization, as well as captured a photo of the incoming and outgoing Association presidents. Click on any image below to view a larger version of the photo.

2018 Association Past Presidents

Front row, left to right: Kim Tran, Joseph Bringmam, Anne Daly, Lucy Isaki, Mary Alice Theiler, Bryce Pym. Back Row, left to right: Fred Butterworth, Daniel Gottlieb, Wayne Blair, Scott Smith, Andrew Maron, Thomas Zilly, Steve Rovig, Stew Cogan, John Ruhl.

2018 Foundation Past Presidents

Front row, left to right: Charles Burdell, Mary Alice Theiler, Marcella Fleming Reed, Colleen Kinerk, Sarah Eitelbach, Eric Gillett. Back row, left to right: Fred Butterworth, Kathleen Petrich, Don Scaramastra, James Austin, Steve Rovig, Stew Cogan, Harry Schneider.

2018 Presidential Transition

Incoming KCBA President Harry Schneider (2018-2019) and Outgoing President Andrew Maron (2017-2018)

Previous years will be added as time permits.