Past Presidents Annual Breakfast

Past Presidents Annual Breakfast

Each spring the past presidents of the King County Bar Association and Foundation gather for a reunion breakfast.  In recent years we have taken a group photo of those in attendance from each organization, as well as captured a photo of the incoming and outgoing Association presidents. Click on any image below to view a larger version of the photo.

2019 Association Past Presidents

At the Annual King County Bar Past Presidents Breakfast May 23rd, we were proud to see these past presidents of our association. Front row, left to right: Bryce Pym, Harry Schneider, J. Richard Manning, Caroline Davis, Linda J. Strout, Stephen Deforest. Back Row, left to right: Peter Greenfield, Kim Tran, Dan Gandara, John Cary, Hon. John Ruhl, Matt Syre, Daniel Gottlieb, Stew Cogan, Joe Bringman, Fred Nolan, Tom Kelly, and Andrew Maron.


2019 Foundation Past Presidents

Also gathered May 23rd were past Foundation presidents. Front row, left to right: Donald Scaramastra, Harry Schneider, Richard Manning, Diana Carey, Sarah Eitelbach, Stephen Deforest. Back row, left to right: Peter Greenfield, Dan Gandara, Todd Bowers, Stew Cogan, Hon. Ron Cox, Kathleen Petrich, Marcella Fleming Reed, Derek Crick.


2019 Presidential Transition

Incoming King County Bar president Jennifer Paysenso with outgoing King County Bar president Harry Schneider at the breakfast gathering.