Prior Year Award Winners

The King County Bar Association invites nominations for its Outstanding Lawyer, Outstanding Judge/Jurist, Pro Bono Volunteer, Geisness, and Friend of the Legal Profession awards. Nominations must be received by February 1, 2019. Submissions should be made in writing to Kathleen Jensen, Associate Executive Director, King County Bar Association, 1200 5th Avenue, Suite 700, Seattle, WA 98101 or by email to


Given for distinguished and meritorious service to the legal profession and public in a profession-related activity.

Prior recipients: Michele E. Storms, Nancy Williams, Lembhard G. Howell, Llewelyn Pritchard, Geoffrey G. Revelle, Carl E. Forsberg, Theresa A. Allman, Thomas E. Kelly, Jr., John M. Davis, Christopher Bayley, William D. Marler, Perkins Coie Guantánamo Bay Defense Team; Daniel Gandara; Thomas Hillier; Prosecution and Defense Teams in the Ridgeway Case; Jeff Robinson; Howard Pruzan; Dave Boerner, Lish Whitson, Mary Wechsler, Patrick McIntyre, Bill Kinzel, Fred Betts, Anthony Savage, Constance Proctor, Rebecca Roe, Margaret McKeown, Fred Tausend, Seattle Japanese-American Citizens League, William Helsell, Charles Z. Smith, Ronald Gould & Robin Anderson, Charles Goldmark, Frederick Paul, Murray Guterson, and Kenneth MacDonald.


Awarded for distinguished and meritorious service to the legal profession and justice system.

Prior recipients: Hon. Karen A. Overstreet, Ret., Noah G. Purcell, Office of the Attorney General, Jorge L. Barón & Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Hon. Jay Inslee, Washington Governor, Hon. Edward Murray, Washington State Senate and Hon. Jamie Pedersen, Washington State House of Representatives; Protection Order Advocacy Program, King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office; Dean Kellye Y. Testy, M. Janice Michels, Washington State Bar Association; KCBA Family Law Section; Barbara Clark, Legal Foundation of Washington; Ada Shen-Jaffe, Columbia Legal Services; Northwest Women's Law Center; CASA Volunteers; Dean Roland Hjorth and the University of Washington School of Law, Bob Boruchowitz, Chief Norm Stamper, Ron Sims, Ruth Walsh, Lucy Berliner, Sandra Madrid, and Kathleen Taylor.


Given for exemplary distinguished service on behalf of the King County Bar Association.

Prior recipients: Steven R. Rovig, Linda J. Strout, Daniel Gandara, Sharon A. Sakamoto, J. Richard Manning, Charles S. Burdell, Jr., Alice Paine; Fred Noland; Karen Sutherland; Steve DeForest; Law Firm of Larson, Hart & Shepherd; Dan Gottlieb, Scott Smith, Colleen Kinerk, WLPM, Matt Sayre, Mary Alice Theiler, Caroline Davis, Peter Greenfield, Gary Maehara, Stew Cogan, Fred Butterworth, Judicial Screening Committees I & II, Helen Pulsifer, Jack Hepfer, Wayne Blair, Lowell Halverson, William Dwyer, John Rupp, and Helen Geisness.


Awarded to an active or retired judge of any municipal court in King County, King County District Court, King County Superior Court, Division I of the Court of Appeals, Washington Supreme Court, U.S. District Court (Western District), Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and Bankruptcy Court, for distinguished service to the legal profession, the judiciary, and the public in a profession-related activity.

Prior recipients: Judge John P. Erlick, Judge Beth M. Andrus, Judge Ronald Kessler, Judge Ronald E. Cox, Judge Bruce W. Hilyer, Judge LeRoy McCullough, Judge Charles J. Delaurenti, II, Justice Gerry Alexander, Judge William Downing; Judge Robert Lasnik; Judge Richard A. Jones; Judge Wesley Saint Clair, Judge Robert Alsdorf, Judge Sharon Armstrong, Judge Helen Halpert, Judge Bobbe Bridge, Judge Ann Schindler, Justice C.Z. Smith, Judge Patricia Aitken, Justice Barbara Durham, Judge Anne Ellington, J. Carmen Otero, J. Robert F. Utter, J. Charles V. Johnson, J. Betty Fletcher, J. Gary Utigard, J. Walter McGovern, J. Solie Ringold, J. Gerard Shellan, J. Frank Howard, J. Donald Voorhees, J. Charles Stafford, and J. Charles Horowitz.


An award recognizing a lifetime of achievement as a judge in a court with jurisdiction including King County. This award is given in special circumstances, and is not necessarily an annual award.

Prior recipients: 2015 – Judge Marsha Pechman, U.S. District Court, 2014 - Judge Thomas S. Zilly, U.S. District Court, 2013 - Judge Sharon S. Armstrong, King County Superior Court, 2011 - Judge Susan R. Agid, Washington Court of Appeals, Division One, 2009 - Judge Ronald Gould, US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, 2008 - Judge H. Joseph Coleman, Washington Court of Appeals, Division One, 2007 - Judge Betty Fletcher, US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit; 2006 - Judge Robert Winsor, Washington Court of Appeals; 2005 - Justice Robert Utter, Washington State Supreme Court; 2004 - Judge John C. Coughenour, U.S. District Court; 2003 - Judge Carolyn R. Dimmick, U.S. District Court; 2001 -Judge Eugene A. Wright, U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit; 1999 - Justice James Dolliver; Washington State Supreme Court; 1998- and William L. Dwyer, U.S. District Court.


An award recognizing leadership and dedication by a firm to pro bono efforts.

Prior recipients: Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Curran Law Firm; Andrew A. Guy, Stoel Rives LLP; Michael Wrenn, Heller Ehrman LLP; Julie Orr, Davis Wright Tremaine; King County Prosecutor's Office; Starbucks Coffee Company Legal Department; Perkins Coie LLP; Keller Rohrback; William Wesselhoeft; Davis Wright Tremaine; Bogle & Gates; Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe; Curran, Kleweno & Johnson; Karr Tuttle Campbell; Montgomery, Purdue, Blankenship & Austin; Warren, Kellogg, Barber, Dean & Fontes.


This award recognizes outstanding service by an individual to pro bono efforts.

Prior recipients: BrittaLisa E. Gess, Zeshan Khan, Michael J. Cherry, Robert I Heller, Ruth Nelson, Norma L. Ureña, Carl Palmer, Erika Lim, Melissa A. Huelsman, Harold G. Booker, David A. Leen, John Hartly Newsum, David Hiscock, David Meyer & Christine A. Crowell, Michele Earl-Hubbard, Steve Rovig & Steve Fredrickson, Rosemarie LeMoine, Mike Klein, Bergitta Trelstad, Gail Turner & Patricia Freeman, Paul Silver, Matthew Geyman, Lish Whitson & Sheila Umlauf, Stephen Pierren, Todd Maybrown & Jim Rogers, Kevin Feeman & Sally Pasette, Richard Putler, Jay White, Mark McPherson, Matt Sayre.


This award confers special recognition to an individual or group by the King County Bar Association President.

Prior recipients: Carl E. Forsberg, Diana K. Carey, Beth Barrett Bloom, Arlene’s Flowers Litigation Team: Todd R. Bowers, Margaret Chen, Sarah A. Dunne, Jake Ewart, A. Michael Edwards, Kim Gunning, Kurt E. Kruckeberg, Andrew G. Murphy, Noah Purcell, Amit D. Ranade, Michael R. Scott, Sarah Shifley,Task Force on I-502 Ethics Issues: Thomas M. Fitzpatrick, Mark T. Fordham, Alison C. Holcomb, Peter A. Talevich, James T. Yand; Kaustuv M. Das, Andrew W. Maron & Judge Michael S. Spearman, Karen W. Murray, Ernest Aquilar, Alene Moris, Paul Fjelstad, Rep. Shay Schual-Berke & Joseph Bringman; Judge Deborah Fleck, Ginna Owens, IOLTA Litigation Team: David Burman, Nicholas Gellert & Kathleen O'Sullivan; KCBA Staff, Drug Policy Project Task Force Chairs, Barbara Clark, Marc Boman & Larry Ransom; Sylvia Key, John McKay, Rep. Tom Foley, Judge Bobbe Bridge, Alice Paine, Marc Lampson, Fran Hoague, Jim Ellis, Bruce Weiland, Mary Alice Theiler, Larry Ransom, Jimmy Wu & Bob Schuck; Wayne Blair, Mike Killeen, Norm Maleng & Keith Baldwin; Hon. Charles Johnson & Robert Cannon; Chris Youtz, Lloyd Coble & Ronald Coble.


This award recognizes substantial contributions by a new lawyer to the legal profession, the bar, and the community.

Prior recipients: Peter A. Talevich, Jason A. Rittereiser, Taki V. Flevaris, Joanna Plichta Boisen, Clayton P. Graham, Amanda Stock, Jamila A. Johnson, Shankar Narayan, Pallavi M. Wahi, Karolyn A. Hicks, Lisa A. Hayes, Theodore Angelis, Feliz Gavi Luna, C. Joshua Alex, Jennifer Johnson Grant, Jim Breitenbucher, Kristi Helgeson, Sevilla Claydon, Edsonya Charles, Millicent Newhouse, Janet Helson, Steven VanDerhoef and Tate London, Brian Myers, Kathleen Hopkins, Michele Jones-Garling, NLC Committee, Rosemary Daskiewicz, Nancy Talner and Loren Marshall, Michael Larson, Michelle A. Gammer and John R. Ruhl.