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Current users of the Washington Lawyers Practice Manual say:

"I heard about [the WLPM] through a friend of mine who is an attorney in town. I bought it because I just started The Collins Law Group and knew that the books would help with the varying caseload I anticipate having."
"I have a solo practice. The practice manuals are a wonderful library source for research on issues that arise. The forms save time for the attorney and money for the client. The CD's save valuable space. The premise is really quite simple."
"I just moved up here from CA and am starting my own law practice in Bellevue. I learned of your publication from both the WA State Bar and the KCBA website. I hope the lawyer's manual will start to familiarize me with WA law, since I have practiced law in CA for 2 years and I want to make sure I know the differences between WA and CA law in various areas."
"Purchased the product back in 1999 and liked its basic information as a general practitioner. Later as I began to specialize, I had a more complete and detailed knowledge of my area of practice (bankruptcy). A couple of years ago I shut my practice down to work for a large firm as a patent lawyer. Preferred working for myself, so back to starting a general practice. Bankruptcy has taken a hit, and while the number of filers rebuild in light of the new laws I am taking on other projects."
"I purchased the WLPM back in 1996 or 1997. I found it to be very useful. I have two new lawyers in our office with a third arriving in September. I know that it will be as useful to them as it was for me. In fact, I expect it will still be very useful for me."
"I was first exposed to WLPM at law school. I will be setting up my solo practice soon."
"I've wanted a print set for a while, and the CD works well for my small firm. Just so happens I'm finally in a financial position to be able to do it."
"We got e-mail marketing and it looked pretty good. . ."
"An attorney in our office received an email from KCBA saying the 2006 edition was out. He then forwarded on to our library attorney who forwarded on to me to place the order."
"I am not sure where I heard of WLPM. It was probably law school. I went to Seattle U. My impetus for ordering was the feeling that I need more resources to help me get along with my new practice. I am just starting out - and I am on my own. I have a lot of questions and I think that if I get a hold of some good secondary sources, I will be a bit more efficient in my work."
"We are the legal aid program in Washington - We have 10 offices and opening a new one in Walla Walla - I am in Seattle. All of our offices have the manual."
"I heard about the new volumes by email from KCBA. My impetus for ordering was that I have an older version in my library and have found it very useful over the years."
"This material is great for quick reference, both as to real world text and forms."
"I got Gary Maehara’s email announcing the new edition. I liked the ability to buy individual chapters. I’m volunteering for a new free legal clinic on Bainbridge Island, and wanted to brush up on the basics of bankruptcy, landlord/tenant, and family law. Your publication seemed like a good way to do that."
"I have used it at the law library, and this time I just thought I’d see if it was available online. When I found that I could purchase individual chapters rather than the entire set, it became both appealing and realistic for me to buy it."
"[I]t will save me time in areas I am not too familiar with."


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WLPM Testimonials

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