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We use the term "Employed Legal Assistant" to describe those persons who work as employees or contract legal assistants for only one law firm, administrative agency or corporation.

  1. A renewal application, where there has been a change in the Responsible Attorney, will be treated like an original application, and you will be required to submit the items listed below, as follows:
    1. Renewal Application form
    2. A letter of recommendation from your new Responsible Attorney,
    3. An Affidavit of the new Responsible Attorney;
    4. Affidavit of Applicant
    5. A copy of last year’s KCBA Legal Assistant registration card
    6. Pay a registration fee of $35.00.

  2. If you have been a member of the KCBA Legal Assistant registration program for several years, have recently changed firms and are requesting a waiver of the six-month requirement, you are required to submit all of the items listed above and:
    1. A written request for the waiver from your new Responsible Attorney,
    2. A letter of recommendation from the Responsible Attorney at your previous law firm

  3. If you are renewing your Legal Assistant registration and your Responsible Attorney remains unchanged, you need only submit the following documents:
    1. Renewal Application
    2. A copy of last year’s KCBA Legal Assistant registration card
    3. Registration fee of $35.00

Please print and complete the forms below:

Form Download Format
Renewal Application:    
Affidavit of Responsible Attorney:    
Affidavit of Applicant:    

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