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Do you have a conflict that you want to resolve quickly and outside of court? Family, workplace, business, housing, . . our skilled, experienced mediators and arbitrators are here to help you.

Mediation and arbitration (“Alternative Dispute Resolution” or “ADR”) can save you time and money, help you preserve and rebuild relationships, and reduce the stress that comes with conflict. You can use ADR at any time, whether or not you have an attorney.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is an opportunity to resolve issues collaboratively. You can mediate at any point in a conflict. In mediation, participants work together to find solutions they can agree on. The participants determine the outcomes, rather than a judge. Mediation is particularly useful when participants want to, or will have to, interact with each other after the conflict is over. Mediation can be a confidential process. The mediator is impartial and fosters a safe environment for creative problem solving.

What is Arbitration?
Arbitration is faster and less formal than going to court. The parties select or agree to an impartial person, the “arbitrator,” to listen to them and make decisions about their conflict. Arbitration involves a hearing where parties present evidence: in-person, by phone, by email or by submission of written documents and arguments. The arbitrator will make a final and binding decision, known as an "award". The process is confidential and the award is enforceable in court if a party does not comply with it. The arbitrator is an experienced attorney with knowledge about the subject matter of the conflict.

About Us
We have mediators and arbitrators who can help you with a wide range of conflicts. All meet a rigorous set of professional criteria and are screened by KCBA.

How do I request a referral?
*Complete the online request form or
*Email the referral team at: lrs@kcba.org or
*Call the referral team at: (206) 267-7010

How much does it cost?
There is a $45 referral fee, paid to KCBA. With a referral you will receive 30 minutes of free consultation. After the initial 30 minutes, mediators and arbitrators will charge you their normal rates. Some may charge lower fees based on your income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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