Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Legal Services (VLS) provides direct representation to clients with select civil legal issues through volunteer attorneys. VLS maintains a panel of attorneys who work with low-income people, including specific populations such as people with HIV/AIDS, homeless people, immigrants (regardless of immigration status), and people with limited English.

Who We Serve

  • Low-income
  • King County residents with civil legal issues in King County.

What We Do

Direct Representation

Volunteer Legal Services provides direct representation by volunteer attorneys to low-income clients with select civil legal issues. VLS screens cases for financial eligibility and legal merit. If found eligible, the program attempts to find a volunteer attorney to handle the case for free.

Case Types:
  • Debt
  • Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 only
  • Vacating Criminal Records
  • Social Security Overpayments
  • Estate Planning

How To Reach Services

Debt, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Social Security Overpayments, Vacating Criminal Records and Estate planning:

For help with the above legal issues, gather the documents listed below, and make an appointment with the Neighborhood Legal Clinicscallcall 206- 267-7070 Tuesday - Thursday from 9:00am- 12:00 pm. The attorney at the clinic will give you immediate advice and determine if you are eligible for direct representation through Volunteer Legal Services. If the clinic attorney determines that you are eligible for pro bono services they will refer you to the Volunteer Legal Services program.

Documents to bring to your Neighborhood Legal Clinics appointment:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:
Debt Defense (If Applicable):
  • Signed contract/warranty; written policy/disclaimer of product/company
  • Court papers
  • Correspondence with creditors/collections agents
  • Copy of summons & complaint w/ hearing date & court schedule
  • Judgment
Vacating Criminal Records:
  • Bring acopy of yourWATCH Report
  • If you have a felony- bring a copy of the Certificate of Discharge
  • If you have a misdemeanor - bring a copy of the case docket. To get a copy of the case docket go to the court clerk in the court where you were convicted and ask for a regular copy.

How To Prepare

Before calling for a referral to the Neighborhood Legal Clinics:

  • Gather all paperwork related to your case
  • Decide on the desired outcome or goal
  • Identify all deadlines
  • Tell the intake screener about these deadlines?