Resolution in Support of Diversity Initiative 1000

Resolution in Support of
Initiative 1000
to Remedy Discrimination and Promote Equality

adopted January 16, 2019 by the KCBA Board of Trustees

WHEREAS, with the passage of Initiative 200 in 1998, Washington became only the second state in the United States of America to ban the use of race or gender in public education, public employment, and public contracting. 

WHEREAS, today, Washington is one of only eight states without affirmative action laws to protect women, minorities, the disabled, and all military veterans.

WHEREAS, since the adoption of I-200, state spending with certified minority and woman-owned businesses has fallen dramatically with a loss of $3.5 billion to small, minority and woman-owned businesses.

WHEREAS, I-200 has reduced diversity in higher education.

WHEREAS, under current Washington law, only Vietnam-era and disabled veterans enjoy affirmative action protection.

WHEREAS, Initiative 1000 would repeal I-200 and allow the state to remedy discrimination against qualified women, honorably-discharged veterans, people with disabilities, and people of color by re-implementing affirmative action―without the use of quotas or preferential treatment―in public education, public employment, and public contracting.

WHEREAS, I-1000 would expand the increased employment opportunities to include all honorably-discharged military veterans and veterans with disabilities.

WHEREAS, I-1000 would also establish a Governor’s Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to oversee and promote implementation of the initiative.

WHEREAS, the mission of the King County Bar Association “The King County Bar Association promotes and supports a diverse and collegial membership; works with the judiciary to achieve excellence, equity, and accessibility in the administration of justice; and benefits the community through public service and engagement in public policy,” would be furthered by adoption of I-1000. 

WHEREAS, the King County Bar Association supports efforts to reduce inequities in employment and education by providing fair and equal opportunities to qualified people who happen to be members of groups historically denied such opportunities.

WHEREAS, our legal, law enforcement, and judicial systems are more just, fair, and effective, and enjoy greater public confidence, when they are inclusive and reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

RESOLVED, that the King County Bar Association supports the passage of I-1000, if not by the legislature, then by the voters of Washington State.