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State Capitol, Olympia, Washington

From the days of its founding in 1886 to speak out for Chinese immigrants in Seattle being denied due process, the King County Bar Association has a proud tradition of being the legal profession's voice in Seattle, King County, Olympia, and the nation's capital to champion access to justice, promote the administration of justice, and advocate for policies that will benefit the community.

Examples of KCBA's work includes creating the legal aid system in 1938 to evaluating judicial performance in 1948 to launching the public defender office in 1968 to advocating for drug policy reform in 2001 to promoting same sex marriage in 2005 to arguing for abolition of the death penalty in 2013. And much much more! Some major categories of work are listed to the right of this page, and a full list of public policy documents in chronological order appears below.

Today most of this work is started with the bar's Public Policy Committee, which all members are invited to join.

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