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KCBA Stands With Members of the Asian Community

KCBA President John McKay issued the following statement on behalf of KCBA:

The King County Bar Association was founded in 1886 to stand in solidarity with Chinese immigrants being denied due process rights and since that time, KCBA has stood for access to justice for everyone in our community. Access to justice includes the right to be free of discrimination, bigotry and racism. The King County Bar Association condemns the acts of violence and hate resulting in the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes in this country and our community.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Spring 2020, a surge of anti-Asian violence took place. One year later, these acts of violence unfortunately multiplied culminating in the tragic and brutal attacks in Atlanta.

The King County Bar Association stands with members of the Asian community. We condemn the recent attacks in Atlanta and all acts of violence and hate against the Asian community. The KCBA is dedicated to building a profession that will work to protect all members of our community.   

To learn more about pro bono legal resources that ensure that our communities have the resources they need to address hate-fueled attacks against our Asian communities, please visit the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.

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