Family Law

Mission Statement

The Family Law Section of the King County Bar Association focuses on family law legislation, rules, practice, improvements, and advancing the delivery of legal services to the client/public, and improving the knowledge and expertise of all persons involved in the handling of domestic law matters. It generates input from Bench/Bar to educate family law practitioners and improve the practice.


Section members review pending state family law legislation, recommending positions to the KCBA board as a whole. They are also heavily involved in tracking budget issues, local rules revisions and other concerns that impact the practice of family law. Attorneys, judges and commissioners attend and participate in monthly meetings, for which the section requests CLE credit.

Section Chair

Committee Level: FAMI
Amir John Showrai Chair
Amir John Showrai

Wechsler Becker LLP



The Family Law section meets at 12:00pm on the first Friday each month.



Ashley Raymond (Dellino Law Group)


Natalie Roberts (Wechsler Becker, LLP)

For More Information

Contact the Jordan Brock by email at, or call (206) 267-7016.

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