Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyer Referral Panel

The Lawyer Referral refers members of the public, who are seeking representation and willing to pay attorney fees, to attorneys registered with us. Lawyer Referral is a regular fee referral service, and callers are informed of this at the outset.


KCBA members can join LRS for a registration fee of $200 annually for KCBA members and $460 for non-members. If the panel member is retained by the client, LRS is paid 14% of the attorneys fees collected from the client if the total fee is over $1000. If the fee is $25000 or more, the fee share is 20%. Proceeds from LRS are used in part to fund pro bono services at KCBA.

Amount of Fee Amount of Fee Share
0–$999 0 fee share
$1,000–$24,999 14% fee share (for the first amount up to $24,999, including the first $1,000) 
$25,000+ 20% fee share (for any amount over $25,000)

Other Requirements

Panel members must carry E&O insurance of at least $200,000/500,000, and meet basic experience requirements for many of the panels.

Panel attorneys must provide a 30-minute consultation at no charge.

How Referrals Are Made

Lawyer Referral operates as a telephone service. Potential clients call the intake number, where they are screened by a referral specialist. If a referral seems reasonable based on information given by the caller, the potential client is given the name and number of an attorney. Attorneys are rotated in order, by relevant panel in the geographic area requested by the client. Sometimes special circumstances require referral out of the rotation. LRS does not refer on the basis of ethnicity, gender or other characteristic unrelated to the legal area. We do, however, refer for non-English language ability if needed and we can.

Reporting Process

Panel members will receive a referral confirmation by e-mail with the client name, contact information and type of case. The referral forms are to be completed and returned to LRS within two weeks so we know referral will be moving forward. Each quarter, a case status report will be sent to the panel attorneys listing every client that has been referred and has not been closed. Attorneys use this report to provide an update for each referral or case.

How To Join

If you are interested in joining the Lawyer Referral, download the forms below and submit to KCBA. A new panel selection form must be submitted every three years. A renewal is required every year after the first year. If you are interested in Lawyer Referral, or need more information, just give a call to Camille, (206) 267-7048 or

Forms to Download

New Panel Attorney
Panel Selection
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