Judicial Candidate Evaluation Ratings

Information about the KCBA Judicial Candidate Evaluation Ratings Process

The King County Bar Association Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee rates candidates for appointment or election to King County Municipal, District, and Superior Courts; and to state appellate courts for contested elections. The ratings are published for contested elections; they are not published in the case of candidates being rated for appointment. The evaluation process utilizes a representative body of the King County Bar Association as well as public lay members in its 85-member judicial candidate evaluation committee. The committee undertakes an objective and comprehensive rating process designed to create a high quality bench and assist the public by providing them with important information on judicial candidates.

Below are resources for those considering the bench. 

Judicial Candidate Evaluation Process

Attorneys Needed To Evaluate Judges for Fall Elections

Information for Individuals who wish to be Screened by the Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee

If you wish to be screened by the committee for judicial appointment or election, you must provide the following documents:

  • You must E-Mail Tom Lockyear or call him at 206-340-2572 to initiate the screening process. 

Note:  KCBA issues ratings for contested judicial elections at the municipal, King County District, King County Superior, Washington Court of Appeals Division I, and Washington Supreme Court levels.  For judicial appointments (not elections), we issue ratings on request for municipal, King County District, and King County Superior Court.  We do not issue ratings for appointment to the Court of Appeals or the Washington State Supreme Court.

Current and Past Judicial Ratings of Candidates in Contested Elections
Links to More Information and Other Ratings
Working to improve the administration of justice is an important part of the King County Bar Association’s mission.

KCBA has evaluated and rated judicial performance since 1948 through surveys of current judicial officers, ratings for those seeking appointment or election to the bench, and monitoring of fair campaign practices and hosting of candidate forums.

Judicial Candidate Evaluation Ratings Process
Fair Campaign Practices Guidelines
Judicial Officer Surveys
Current Judicial Openings
Candidate Forum Archives