Fair Campaign Practices Guidelines

Contests for judicial office must be conducted in such a way as not to impair public confidence in the integrity and objectivity of the judicial process. Unfair or potentially deceptive campaign conduct by judicial candidates can quickly undermine public confidence in the courts unless the public is certain that such conduct will not be tolerated. Because preservation of the integrity of the judicial office is vital if public respect for the law and the courts is also to be preserved, the King County Bar Association formed the Fair Campaign Practices Committee to monitor judicial elections that take place in whole or in part in King County and respond to complaints of unfair judicial campaign practices in those elections.

Complaints must be in writing; please submit via email or hardcopy to:

Andrew Prazuch
Executive Director
King County Bar Association

1200 Fifth Avenue, Suite 700
Seattle, WA 98101

Working to improve the administration of justice is an important part of the King County Bar Association’s mission.

Sitting judges, commissioners and magistrates are honorary KCBA members and work collaboratively on many KCBA committees and projects. The Bench Bar conference is a recurring opportunity for members of the legal profession and the judiciary to come together to discuss topics of common interest.

Fair Campaign Practices Guidelines
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