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Formats: MP3 vs. MP4

An MP3 file used to store digital audio into a file for listening on a computer or other portable device (tablet, phone, digital audio player).

Order this format if you only want audio.

An MP4 file is used to store both digital video and audio for viewing on a computer or other portable device (tablet, phone).

Order this format if you want both video and audio.

AV Credits

As of January 2016, there is no live requirement. All courses may be taken online.

Each lawyer must complete 45 credits of approved continuing legal education by December 31 of the last year of their reporting period with the following requirements:

  • 15 credits must be Law and Legal Procedure,
  • 6 credits must be Ethics and Professional Responsibility,
  • 24 credits may be in the above categories or Other approved subjects:
    • Professional Development,
    • Personal Development and Mental Health,
    • Office Management
    • and Improving the Legal System.
Submitting AV Credits

AV Credits are self reported through the MCLE System just like Live Credits.

If you’re having trouble with the MCLE System or have questions regarding the MCLE Compliance Requirements, please consult the MCLE Online FAQ located here.

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