Young Lawyers Division Past Chairs

Name Years Served

Kelli Currie


Stephanie R. Lakinski


Peter A. Talevich

Lori Worthington Hurl 2014-2015
Skylee Jane Sahlstrom 2013-2014
David S. Kennan 2012-2013
Lawrence A. Ward 2011-2012
Johanna M. Coolbaugh 2010-2011
Karen Orehoski 2009-2010
Robert A. Hyde 2008-2009
Victor N. King 2007-2008
Derek D. Crick 2006-2007
Megan E. McCloskey 2005-2006
Brian D. Todd 2004-2005
Donald B. Scaramastra 2003-2004
Erin Monica Karp 2002-2003
Mark T. Fordham 2001-2002
Judy L. Mims 2000-2001
Kathryn L. Kafka 1996-1997
Daniel S. Gottlieb 1989-1990
Scott A. Smith 1987-1988
Marc Allen Boman 1984-1985
Timothy D. Bradbury 1979-1980
Lish Whitson 1978-1979
Croil James Anderson 1975-1976
Elizabeth J. Bracelin 1973-1974
William Horlick Neukom 1972-1973
Robert C. Mussehl 1971-1972
Tom Austin Alberg 1970-1971
David D. Hoff 1969-1970

* = Deceased
NR = No Record

The Young Lawyers Division was formed in 1949 to meet the needs of returning servicemen and servicewomen from World War II. For more details, see From Profanity Hill: The Story of the King County Bar Association by Mark Lampson.